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MiniChillow - Get them now, before they are gone.  You can't get them elsewhere

MiniChillow - Get them now, before they are gone. You can't get them elsewhere

$20.00 $24.95

Kids love the "just for them" size:
Size: 14.25" x 10.5" x .5"
  • Soft fluid-cooled memory foam comfortImmediately cool to the touch
  • Perfect for travel relief
  • Excellent laptop saver
  • High Fever Reliever
  • Sports Injury Cool Pack
  • No gel, non-toxic, latex free
This half pint is literally half the size of ChillowPLUS.® It uses less water so it is lighter, and easier to handle. With less water to dissipate the heat, we have formulated this little guy to be refrigerator friendly - great to grab for a cool compress next bee sting, sidewalk scrape or swollen sprain.
Better than a bag of frozen peas, this product doesn’t drip or sweat. While keeping this product in the fridge will pack an extra cool punch, the “mini” still feels refreshing all on its own - no refrigeration needed. A simple one time water activation is all it takes to enjoy this portable, powerless personal cooling pad.
At room temperature, mini Chillow® offers that soft rejuvenating effect - not too cold, but cool enough to bring immediate relief to that small, uncomfortable spot. We call it the ahhhhhhhhh factor. A gentle 
way to subside that facial sunburn, wisdom tooth special, or migraine moment (much easier to manipulate to these areas than the heavier full sized Chillow®.) Most people love the small size right on the back of their neck - an instant cooler. While other people have used it in their laps for their own personal laptop COMPUTER COOLER!
The miniChillow® much like its larger predecessor, the Chillow®, offers the soothing effect of COOL memory foam comfort via the patented Chillow® Comfort Technology.
As with all SoothSoft® products, the miniChillow® is manufactured in an ISO9001 compliant facility here in the USA. It is safe and EFFECTIVE — free of toxic gel or lead!


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